What Baby Boomers Want In A New Home

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Baby Boomers have led the way in many areas, and now they're redefining what retirees want in a new home. Unlike the generation before them, Boomers, who are between ages 55 and 73 in 2019, are not ready to live the easy life. They want homes that support their active lifestyles without sacrificing other amenities. Below are some of the attributes Baby Boomers are looking for when they're buying a house.


Rather than looking for a quiet retirement community, many Baby Boomers are looking

for diverse communities that have residents from all age groups. They want to interact with everyone from young families to older residents, and communities that have amenities like clubhouses can make this easier.


Some Baby Boomers may want to downsize their homes a bit when it comes to square footage, but they want upscale features. Superior construction is important to them, and they want to have the latest finishes, wood floors, and upgraded trim. Because they may have lived in an older home for a while, newer amenities are important to them in what they see as their dream home.


One-level homes or two-story homes with first-floor master suites are important to Baby Boomers, who are thinking about current or future mobility issues. Other features that increase accessibility, such as raised dishwashers, lowered microwaves, and multi-level countertops, are also popular among this age group.

Low maintenance

Boomers are usually still quite active and have more free time than younger homeowners, but they don't want to spend their time mowing the lawn or making repairs. Buyers who are moving from older homes appreciate newer homes that are move-in ready and won't need many repairs in the near future.

Although they like to have a lawn and patio, they don't have to be large. Having outdoor maintenance taken care of as part of a homeowners' association agreement is also a plus.


Location is a priority when you're buying a home, no matter what your age. While younger homebuyers want a home in a good school district, Baby Boomers often want to move closer to their children and grandchildren. Many, however, prefer to live close to their current home so they can maintain relationships with friends and be close to their favorite restaurants, doctors' offices, shops, and other familiar locations.

Proximity to recreation

Since Baby Boomers are more active than previous generations were at this age, they want to enjoy recreational pursuits now that they finally have the time to do so. Many want to live near the water, and communities that offer amenities such as a pool, tennis court, and fitness center are also popular. Living near places to hike and play golf is also a priority.

An office space

A dedicated office space that allows Baby Boomers to work at home – either full-time or part-time – is a priority to many who are buying a house. They're putting off retirement until a later age when compared to previous generations, and they want a separate room to work in that gives them privacy and lets them draw a clear line between work and leisure time.

Baby Boomers have different priorities than their parents, and other generations have had at a similar age. They're usually still quite active, and they're looking to spend their time on leisure pursuits and possibly their profession rather than on chores at home. As a result, they're focused on buying a house that makes it easy for them to age in place with what they value.

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