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It's All About Pralines & Pepper Jelly

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

During the holiday season, we all feel a little more compelled to be kind to one another. We share more smiles and kind gestures seem a little easier to do. One thing people know about me is that I try to live like that every day. Who knew it would lead to getting pralines that were meant for someone else!

Her sister was going to be short a couple!

I was in a long line at the post office - people already sending out Christmas cards and packages. There was a lovely lady in front of me who had on a colorful red chef's jacket with a logo on it that said "Pralines," and she was carrying a few boxes in her arms. I'll pretty much speak with anyone so of course I had to ask.

Turned out she was the owner of a local praline shop and she was sending boxes of pralines to friends and family for Thanksgiving. The line was moving slowly, which gave us more time to chat about things like what makes a good praline (everyone has their theory on that). Not to have hers outdone, before I knew it she was ripping open the box that was meant for her sister, pulled out a couple of pralines and handed them to me!

Enter the pepper jelly...

You know I couldn't let that be the end of it! I got out of the long line we had been waiting in (that was even longer behind us!), ran out to my car to get a jar of my homemade pepper jelly, managed to get my place back in line and returned the gesture of kindness and bonding over food!

So, while her sister's box of pralines arrived a little short, I lucked out with a sweet treat and a lasting memory of unsolicited kindness. All thanks to pralines and pepper jelly!

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